Daily Scrum Meetings and Agile Projects

During a Sprint the Scrum Team holds a Daily Scrum that is a maximum of 15 minutes in duration.  The Daily Scrum looks to coordinate the current days Sprint activities, while also providing a daily status check to ensure that the Scrum Team is on target to achieve its Sprint Goals.  The meeting also assists with identifying any impediments that may be preventing the Scrum Team from achieving their Sprint Goals.

59 Seconds Agile - Daily Scrum Meetings and Agile Projects

59 Seconds Agile – Daily Scrum Meetings and Agile Projects

Daily Scrum Format

In addition to the Scrum Master facilitates the Daily Scrum, they should also participate by resolving impediments that are raised during the meeting.  Preventing a routine speaking order may be achieved through passing an object at random around the Scrum Team.  The individual holding the object (typically a soft toy) is the current speaker.  Passing the object around at random encourages each individual to pay attention throughout the meeting as they do not know when it will be their turn.  Where individuals take too long, a heavier object or a timer may be used to encourage them to be precise. The meeting should follow a simple format, where:

.* Firstly, what each Scrum team member did yesterday

* What each Scrum Team member plans to do today

* Finally, are there any impediments that any of the Scrum Team members have

The effectiveness of Daily Scrum

Conducting a meeting standing up helps to keep the meeting short and precise.  Conducting a meeting while standing typically results in a 34% shorter meeting compared to sitting.  Following these step allows for achieving short and effective Daily Scrum meetings:

* The meeting should start on time and the team must also stand for the duration of the meeting

* Focus on coordination, rather than issue resolution

* Scrum Master scheduling and facilitating

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