Scrum Team’s

Scrum Team’s in Agile Project Management

The Scrum Team is sometimes also referred to as the Development Team. However, the Development Team are actually only part of the Team.  The team roles are:

* Firstly the Product Owner

* Then the Scrum Master

* And finally the Development Team

Scrum Team Product Owner

First of all the Product Owner represents the Product Stakeholders, where stakeholder is a collective term that includes customers, users, and sponsors.  The Product Owner, therefore, acts as the voice of the Customer.  While representing the customer, they are accountable for delivering Value to the Business.  Since adding Value to the product lies in the Product Backlog, the Product Owner is, therefore, the individual responsible for managing the Product Backlog.

59 Seconds Agile - Scrum Team's in Agile Project Management
59 Seconds Agile – Scrum Team’s in Agile Project Management

Scrum Team Development Team

The Development Team is a cross-functional group of individuals that have the ability and the authority to deliver the Business Vision outlined by the Product Owner. The Development Team should have all of the skills and resource available to them in order to complete the Business Vision and are responsible for creating and developing Value through the actual Product. 

Scrum Team Scrum Master

The Scrum Master performs a mentoring role for the Scrum Team and is also responsible for ensuring that the team has a productive work environment.  A Scrum Master must have strong communication skills and must also ensure the Agile Principles are followed.  As a result, they must remove obstacles that may be preventing the team from progressing.  

Large projects require multiple Scrum Teams.  Rather than one large team, smaller teams can work on small project sections.  Due to the many teams, a Chief Scrum Master and also a Chief Product Owner may be a required.  Their roles are then to coordinate the various teams for the project and for coordinating the scrum of Scrums Meeting.

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