Incremental Delivery and the Agile Fundamentals

This article looks to discuss incremental delivery with Agile projects. The article covers the Agile fundamentals and the Agile Frameworks.

The Agile Fundamentals

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Incremental Delivery and the Agile Fundamentals

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Firstly the Agile Fundamentals are based on the Agile philosophy to ship early and ship frequently. The fundamentals state that the product starts with the minimum viable product and the most valuable requirements are added to that.  Delivering early is lean and cost-effective and as a result, developing the product in this manner enables early testing by the customer. Since early testing is achieved through the incremental delivery of the product, early and continuous feedback from the customer is also achieved incrementally.

Agile Fundamentals and Incremental Delivery

Early incremental project delivery increases the chances of delivering successful projects, and therefore the delivered product is more likely to meet their requirements. Delivering incrementally enables realizing business value earlier, furthermore identifying and dealing with risk occurs sooner.  The process also puts a focus on the user and also allows for continuous improvement of the processes.  The approach for running projects becomes:

59 Seconds Agile - Agile Fundamentals and Agile Project Management
59 Seconds Agile – Agile Fundamentals and Agile Project Management
  • Daily face to face communications for swift problem solving
  • Complete Business involvement throughout the process
  • Reduced time to market for competitive advantage
  • Early deliverable’s and quick wins for swift Feedback
  • Regular incremental Development for continuous enhancements
  • Adaptive and responsive to change
  • Focus on Users
  • And also a focus on Product delivery

Agile Flexibility and Change

Flexibility and change are an integral part of an Agile project, where visibility, transparency as well as interactions between people are the focus.  This focus, therefore, empowers the project team to concentrate on the key deliverable’s.  Agile involves embracing change and additionally turning that change into a competitive advantage.  As customer requirements and the business environment are constantly changing, therefore adapting to changes enables the business to remain competitive.  The Agile Framework provides a structure for the projects, it is not, however, a step by step guide.

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