Scrum Master’s

Scrum Master’s in Agile Project Management

Firstly, the Scrum Master is accountable for removing impediments, as a result, the Development Team can deliver the Product Goals and deliverables.  While protecting the Scrum Team and the Scrum process, they may intervene when required to ensure the pace of work is sustainable. Their responsibilities include:

* Helping Product Owner with the Product Backlog

* Helping Scrum Team

* Coaching the team

* Promoting self-organization within the team

* Facilitating team events

* Ensure regular progress and updates

* Educating key Stakeholders

59 Seconds Agile - Scrum Master Coaching
59 Seconds Agile – Scrum Master Coaching

Scrum Master and the Daily Scrum

The Scrum Master ensures that the Daily Scrum takes place and the Development Team directs it. 

Mentoring Role

The Scrum Master performs a mentoring role for the Scrum Team and is also responsible for ensuring that the team has a productive work environment.  As a result, they must remove obstacles that may be preventing the team from progressing.  They should also enforce the Scrum Principles.

Scrum Master’s Daily Tasks

Whilst removing impediments is a critical task, the Scrum Master responsibilities also include:

* Helping the Product Owner in the creation of the Release Plan and also the Prioritised Product Backlog

* Helping the Product Owner in the definition of the Done Criteria

* Facilitates meetings of the Scrum Team to estimate and create User Stories and Tasks

* Ensures that issues affecting the Scrum Team are discussed and moreover that they are resolved

* Ensures that resources are available for the project

* Assists the Scrum Team in developing the Sprint Backlog as well as the Sprint Burndown Chart

* Conducts the daily stand-up and also updates the task-board

Scrum of Scrums

.Finally, in the event of a large project, multiple Scrum Teams may be used.  Rather than one large Scrum Team, teams can work on small project sections.  Due to the many teams, a Chief Scrum Master may be a required.  Their role is then to coordinate the various Scrum Teams for the project. They are responsible for coordinating the scrum of Scrums Meeting and addressing any impediments that impact more than one Scrum Team.

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