Agile Business Value in Agile Projects

This article looks to discuss ‘Agile Business Value in Agile Projects’. It provides an introduction to what business value is, the vision statement, and value-driven delivery.

Agile Business Value

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Business Value in Agile Projects

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Undertaking a business project requires creating value for the business.  Focusing on value-driven delivery, therefore, must occur because of this required value.  Agile focuses on delivering Business Value, which the Product Owner is responsible for delivering. The Development Team are then responsible for creating and developing this Value through the actual Product. This focus on delivering value is highlighted through the Agile Manifesto which states that there is a preference for working software over comprehensive documentation. Additionally, the Agile Principles states ‘delivering working software frequently’ as a key principle.  The Scrum Framework then aims to deliver value early within a project through the incremental delivery of value.

59 Seconds Agile - Business Value in Agile Projects

59 Seconds Agile – Business Value in Agile Projects

Business Value and the Vision Statement

From before starting a Project and throughout the Project the entire Business Team should know the Business Value of the Project. This should be described within the Vision Statement and the Development Team must then work towards this Vision to achieve the Business Goals.  Delivering this vision should hence occur exactly as requested.  The vision places the product goals into a central part of the development team ethos, therefore providing clarity to the direction in which the product is going. The document then creates a shared goal for the development team to work towards and provides visibility and transparency to the product stakeholders.

Value-Driven Delivery

.Firstly using business value for prioritizing Requirements allows for addressing the highest priority Requirements first.  Requirements should be evaluated and refined on a regular basis.  Doing this ensures that the highest priority items are always scheduled to be addressed first.  This ensures the value-driven delivery focus is maintained, where the following practices should be undertaken:

  1. Assessing and Planning Value
  2. Delivering and Confirming Value
  3. Tracking and Reporting Value

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