Planning & Estimating in Agile Projects for Beginners

Planning and Estimating in Agile Projects for Beginners

The process of planning Agile projects can be very complex. This can make it difficult for those familiar with Agile, and even harder for beginners. Despite this overall complexity, estimating for an Agile project can be broken down into simple steps.

59 Seconds Agile – User Stories

User Stories

In Agile, user stories are a way of expressing work that needs to be done. They are actions that an average user of a software product would need to do. Updating information, processing orders, or displaying data are a few of the many types. In any type of software, a good collection of user stories covers everything the software should be able to accomplish. User stories do not address the technical side of development. They are completely behavior and action focused. In short, they say what all a software product can do.

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