Development Team

Development Team and the Scrum Team

Firstly, the Development Team is responsible for developing the product. The Development Team are sometimes also referred to as the Scrum Team, however, they are actually only part of the Scrum Team.  The Scrum Team can, therefore, be broken down into three roles:

* Firstly the Product Owner

* Then the Scrum Master

* And finally the Development Team

Scrum teams are self-organizing teams, and do whatever is necessary to complete the job. 

59 Seconds Agile - Development Team and the Scrum Team
59 Seconds Agile – Development Team and the Scrum Team

The Development Team and the Roles in the Scrum Team

Product Owner: 

* Represents the Product’s Stakeholders

* Accountable for delivering the Business Value

* Writes, defines and prioritizes Requirements

* Scrum Teams should have one Product Owner

Development Team:

* Delivers shippable Product increments

* 3–9 individuals

* Cross-functional, and therefore multi-disciplined

* Self-organising

Scrum Master

* Scrum is facilitated by the Scrum Master

* Accountable for removing impediments

* Ensures the Scrum Team follow the Scrum framework

* Encourages team improvement

Self Organising Scrum Team

The scrum team consists of a group of self-organizing and cross-functional individuals. They work on the product requirements defined in the form of User Stories, which may also be broken down into tasks. The User Stories and Tasks are hence developed to generate the project Deliverables.  The optimal Scrum Team size is between six to ten individuals, this size supports good team collaboration, while also allowing an adequate team skill set.

Development Team Typical Day

Since the Development Team has many responsibilities they consequently have a rather busy daily schedule.  A typical day may therefore involve:

* Estimate and also commit to User Stories and tasks approved by the Product Owner

* Creates and also determines how to create the product deliverable’s from the Sprint Backlog

* Participates in the Daily Stand-up and also updates the task-board and the burn-down chart

* Works with the Product Owner to build an understanding of User Stories in the Prioritised Product Backlog

* Provides inputs to the Product Owner on the creation of User Stories and also tasks

* Participates in Planning, review and also retrospective Meetings 

* Demonstrates completed deliverable to the Product Owner for approval

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