Creating the Project Deliverables – Part 2

What are Product deliverables and what role does the developer play in Creating Product Deliverables? How do they fulfil that role and what processes are used?

Agile Project Deliverables

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Agile Project Deliverables with 59 Seconds Agile

Creating the Project Deliverables for Developers – Part 2

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How Does the Developer Affect this Process?

The entire Scrum team is required to create a product deliverable, but developers are especially important to the process. First and foremost, developers are the role who actually writes software. No matter how much administrative work gets done, developers turn ideas and specifications into working code. A perfectly organized team might be efficient at communicating information, but without developers, they will never manage to create a software product or the product deliverables that must go to stakeholders.

Creating Product Deliverables: Starting With Requests

Developers take requests and tasks and use them to write software that fits the needs of stakeholders. If problems or misunderstandings come up, the developers must work with the proper roles to come to a solution. If there are tasks that end up being impossible, the developers often must find another option, or consult the rest of the Scrum team on how to resolve the issue. As the driving force behind creating software, developers lead the way and pursue solutions to problems.

Even before they start writing code, developers contribute their expertise to the process of writing user stories and tasks. More than other roles on a Scrum team, most developers have a more technical knowledge of software products. What sounds trivial to other roles may be a red flag to developers as a lot of back-end work may be required. Without the input of developers, tasks may be underestimated. Having a team of many different roles allows different extremes to balance each other out.

In addition to knowing how much work a task may be, developers also know when and where tasks might need to be split. If a task is too large on its own, there may be a logical divide that developers know of, where other roles might not be aware of it. This gives a cleaner division between tasks and offers better and more organized work documentation.

Creating Product Deliverables: Writing User Stories

After writing the user stories and tasks, and creating software, developers are responsible for fixing the bugs before a project deliverable goes to stakeholders. Other roles must find bugs and errors, but developers are entirely in charge of figuring out what the problem is and addressing it. In some cases, developers must defend why a behavior is intended. In other cases, developers must work with other roles to determine what behavior the product should have. No matter what the problem is, developers must remedy them before product deliverables are considered complete.

Project deliverables are a core piece of Agile software development, and they clearly rely on developers to be created. From planning a project to writing and debugging the code, developers are heavily involved in the process.

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User Stories Applied

A 59 Seconds Agile Book Review

User Stories Applied by Mike Cohn is one of our favourite books on Agile User Stories. The book starts with an overview into user stories, and details what a user story is and the different aspects of them. He then discusses how to go about writing a user story, and provides details of the INVEST criteria that can be used to determine if the story is meeting all of its objectives. Next Mike gives an in depth discussion of who user stories are written for and where to begin when gathering the details for them. The book then discusses acceptance testing user stories, including how to go about specifying these criteria and the responsibilities of the development team and customers during this process.

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Creating the Agile Project Deliverables

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59 Seconds Agile - Creating the Project Deliverables
59 Seconds Agile – Creating the Project Deliverables

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