Why use Agile? – Part 2

Why use Agile as a Scrum Master? – Part 2

Technological: consists of software applications, communications and other tools that would be used by the company. Tools are often very helpful when using agile. Not only is keeping everything organized important but communication between the team is also needed. Agile requires a certain level of communication between the stakeholders and the scrum team. The Scrum Master should make sure everyone can easily communicate to successfully implement Agile.

Legal: includes laws affecting businesses, consumer protection, and employment. For example, depending on what type of business you have, some laws require more governance and reporting than others. This can affect to which extent Agile is implemented.
Environmental: looks at external factors that can affect the company. Climate change, transportation access, temperatures, natural disasters and other environmental factors are all things to consider. Scrum Masters should take these into consideration since they are becoming more and more prevalent in business and will begin to affect businesses more than ever.

59 Seconds Agile - Why use Agile
59 Seconds Agile – Why use Agile

Agile for Businesses

While Agile is sometimes thought of as a software development project management approach, it isn’t just for these types of technology-centric companies. Instead, most business organizations can benefit from using Agile as well. Scrum Masters working in non-technology sectors of business can still benefit from getting companies to switch to Agile.
Agile is great for companies that want to respond quickly and efficiently to opportunities, threats, and events that affect their company. With the landscape of business ever-changing, remaining flexible and responding efficiently to events can keep a company competitive.  Since teams work collaboratively and make decisions quickly, utilizing an agile approach to business can be very effective in staying ahead of the competition.

Our Favourite Agile Books

We found these books great for finding out more information on Agile Scrum:

Agile for Businesses

Agile can also help make a company more customer-focused and better able to provide products to customers that they actually need or want. Staying in tune with the customer’s needs can help a company keep its competitive edge as it continues to meet customer demands when they inevitability change.

Furthermore, continuous improvement can be powerful for companies that want to continue to grow. Utilizing retrospectives that focuses on the client and internal relationships can help the company see what is working and what needs to change. Scrum Masters should ensure that a good relationship is maintained between both the team members themselves and the team and stakeholders.
Switching from a non-agile project management approach can be great for a company that wants to evolve and improves as time goes on. It is great for a company that wants to continue to be fast and keeps up with the ever-changing market that surrounds our world today. However, not all companies benefit from an Agile approach to project management. Organizations and Scrum Masters should consider all the team dynamics, environmental, economic, legal and technological factors before deciding if switching to agile is right for the team.

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