Development Frameworks in Agile – Part 1 of 8 (Video)

This article provides an ‘Introduction to the Agile Development Frameworks’ and looks to discuss what a framework is and what the framework options are.

Agile Development Frameworks

A 59 Seconds Agile Training Video
Agile Development Frameworks Part 1 of 8
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Agile Development Frameworks

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What is an Agile Development Framework?

Imagine that you’re working for a large company with lots of employees and different projects going on all the time. Every project uses the same delivery structure so that any team member knows how a project will be organized at any given time.

Lately, you’ve been working on a project that’s developing a product for a tech company. You’ve mapped the entire project out, start to finish, and planned the production of each part of the project. When you reach the halfway point in your development process, you hear that a component you were relying on, from an outside source, has been discontinued.

The discontinued part has already been incorporated into the design, but you won’t be able to buy any more for future production. Because of the contract you’ve signed with the customer who requested the product, you can’t change any of the product requirements or design at this point in the process.

However, if you keep going with the development as planned, the customers who buy your product won’t be able to upgrade the product in the future. They’ll have to use an outdated system that won’t be as compatible with other components that they might want to use.

Developing every new product with the traditional management style doesn’t allow you the flexibility your company needs to successfully navigate the development. Traditional delivery  stifles the creative process and can create a negative relationship between you and the customer.

They aren’t able to provide feedback on the ongoing project and request the changes they need, and the development team gets frustrated with not being able to be as creative as the could be due to the rigid contract requirements.

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The Agile Development Frameworks

A 59 Seconds Agile Video Animation
The History of Agile with 59 Seconds Agile

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User Stories Applied

A 59 Seconds Agile Book Review

User Stories Applied by Mike Cohn is one of our favourite books on Agile User Stories. The book starts with an overview into user stories, and details what a user story is and the different aspects of them. He then discusses how to go about writing a user story, and provides details of the INVEST criteria that can be used to determine if the story is meeting all of its objectives. Next Mike gives an in depth discussion of who user stories are written for and where to begin when gathering the details for them. The book then discusses acceptance testing user stories, including how to go about specifying these criteria and the responsibilities of the development team and customers during this process.

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The Agile Frameworks

A 59 Seconds Agile Infographic
59 Seconds Agile - The Agile Frameworks
59 Seconds Agile – The Agile Frameworks

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Agile Scrum Master Training Course

What is Agile? A 59 Seconds Agile Animation Video

Our Favourite Agile Books

We found these books great for finding out more information on Agile Scrum:

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