The Agile Manifesto – Part 4 of 17 (Video)

Using the Agile Manifesto to Deliver Change

A 59 Seconds Agile Training Video
Using the Agile Manifesto to Deliver Change Part 4 of 17
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The Agile Manifesto

A 59 Seconds Agile Article

This article provides an ‘Introduction to the Agile Manifesto’ and looks to discuss what a values are stated within the Manifesto.

Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools

Prioritising “individuals and interactions” over “processes and tools” has some practical applications. It helps to drive a more effective development environment.

Traditional development environments focus on processes and tools. Developers that are new to a company are immediately taught the company development processes. Typically, they are encouraged to stick to that process with dedication. The tools that are used for development are often considered just as important as the development of new code.

Developers must learn to use them properly, and not seek out alternative means of accomplishing their goal. The problem with this focus is that developers have no room to express their creativity. If a developer is more familiar with a different development environment, they must go through the growing pains of adjusting to the company’s development platform.

This also enforces an idea that the current tools are the best available, and doesn’t allow developers to investigate other options that may work better. Furthermore, it puts distance between the developers and customers. The Agile Value focus on individuals and interactions, and removes a lot of the bureaucratic limitations on the developers. Also, it encourages them to interface directly with the Product Owner and Stakeholders.

Tools and processes are trivial, and serve only as a means to an end. If the development team produce satisfactory work, the way that they get there has no bearing on the process. Plus, encouraging healthy interaction between developers and customers means that the development team have more of an investment in the product.

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The Agile Manifesto

A 59 Seconds Agile Video Animation
The Agile Manifesto with 59 Seconds Agile

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User Stories Applied

A 59 Seconds Agile Book Review

User Stories Applied by Mike Cohn is one of our favourite books on Agile User Stories. The book starts with an overview into user stories, and details what a user story is and the different aspects of them. He then discusses how to go about writing a user story, and provides details of the INVEST criteria that can be used to determine if the story is meeting all of its objectives. Next Mike gives an in depth discussion of who user stories are written for and where to begin when gathering the details for them. The book then discusses acceptance testing user stories, including how to go about specifying these criteria and the responsibilities of the development team and customers during this process.

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The Agile Manifesto

A 59 Seconds Agile Infographic
59 Seconds Agile - The Agile Manifesto
59 Seconds Agile – The Agile Manifesto

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Agile Scrum Master Training Course

What is Agile? A 59 Seconds Agile Animation Video

Our Favourite Agile Books

We found these books great for finding out more information on Agile Scrum:

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