The Agile Frameworks For Product Owners – Part 2

The Agile Frameworks For Product Owners – Part 2

Scrum and the Sprint Review

During sprint review, the product owner accepts the work finished from the last sprint. He then presents the prioritized backlog for the next sprint in the sprint planning meeting. He discusses the acceptance criteria of each item and emphasizes its business value. The team can then discuss how much they can develop based on their capacity.

In refinement meetings, the product owner presents the future work that the team will be working on. He will give an overview of what the ticket is about and the criteria for acceptance. The team verifies the scope and gives it an estimate. The estimate can be used by the product owner to know how much development effort it will take to finish the work.

59 Seconds Agile - The Agile Frameworks
59 Seconds Agile – The Agile Frameworks

Scrum and the Sprint Retrospective

The retrospective is where the team can solicit feedback to improve the next sprints in accordance with the business need. If the team is practicing Kanban, the product owner has less visibility since there are no meetings in Kanban. The team relies on the “to do” bucket in their work. The responsibility of the product owner in this setup is to ensure that what needs to be done is properly reflected in the Kanban cards.

Our Favourite Agile Books

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The Agile Frameworks and the Product Owner

Once the work is in the Done state, the product owner reviews the work if it adheres to what is expected. The role of the product owner is highly relevant to make the Agile project successful regardless of what practice the team observes. The fact that there is someone who oversees and ensures that the work done reflects the market priorities assists in making the project a success.

In the Agile practices mentioned, the main difference is only seen in the presence of the product owners during the development cycle. Other than that, if the product owner can provide the business value and observes the Agile values and principles, then the project and Agile adoption are in the right direction.

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